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The beauty of my dynamic approach is my diverse background and experience. I bring more than 20 years of combined experience in both for-profit and nonprofit sectors. More than 12 of those years include Sales, Marketing, Event Management, Health & Wellness, and Entrepreneurship. My business ownership history begins with a personal training company in four locations with more than 30 employees and ends with an Indoor Football Team and a Gold’s Gym franchise.

My non-profit experience includes ministry, education (as both a teacher and administrator), a tutoring organization and a teen mentoring organization. The path I traveled hardly resembles a straight line. I use the wisdom gained through life’s challenges to lay the foundation to authentic, meaningful conversations that positively impact people, teams and organizations.  I am most passionate about leadership, young people and making an impact. 

Favorite Pastimes:  Reading (mostly self-help and history), enjoying the outdoors, honoring nature and of course, streaming an adictable series! 

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My Vision

“I am committed to contributing to the world, leaving it better than I found it.  We all have something positive to contribute.  What if we all knew and leaned into what is great about ourselves?

We would surely change this world for the better.”

Lana Hailemariam

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