Assess Your Assessments

If I could share one tip with those who handle professional development, it would be this:

Invest fully in any assessment you select for your team. So often employers budget for the cost of the assessment and a one-time visit by an expert to help their team understand and interpret the results. If the commitment ends there, then we have a problem. Your team will likely want more and have questions over time as the results of the assessment sink in. This can leave your team feeling frustrated and confused about why the company started something they didn’t finish. Try the following strategy and enjoy better results:

1. Select your Coach/Trainer/Expert and and begin the conversation this way, “We would like to implement a long term strategy of professional development by enlisting your services. What approach do you recommend?”

2. Listen

3. Make it happen

Both people and organizations need time to change and improve. By taking this informed and methodical approach, you give your team the time and space to benefit fully from the process.

For more information on the CliftonStrengths assessment, visit

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