About those haters...

Sometimes we just don't get enough support on being our true selves. I believe this is for one of three reasons:

1) We are still "raw", not our best selves just yet

2) We don't know who that person is ourselves

3) We are already our best self and there are more haters than supporters

If you fall into the first category and can actually admit it, then kudos to you! You are halfway there because most people cannot see their own limitations. We have trouble seeing our own blind spots. Perhaps that is why they are called Blind Spots. These are the "rough" areas of ourselves. Those parts that repulse others or cause our own failures. Those parts of ourselves that we cannot help but see, yet are completely blinded by. Like a bright light shining that you see but causes you to see nothing at all, If your behavior, personality or attitude need some work, then join the party! We all need work. We either recognize it or live in denial about it.

If you are more of category two, then again, you are not alone. If we live long enough, we will all visit this point in our lives at some juncture. Searching for yourself, not knowing who you are and feeling lost are all a part of the process we must endure in order to find ourselves ultimately. And guess what? That journey may even happen more than once in your lifetime, if you are lucky enough. I think reinvention, transformation and self-re-discovery are all beautiful things. They create, grow and produce strength in us. But searching without enjoying the process is missing something in itself. After all it is the process, not the destination, that should be the goal. The destination will be reached eventually. Regardless of what we do, that truth will never change.

I love this quote because it reminds us that being lost is a perception. When you don't have a job, or lose a relationship or choose to travel a road that others might consider unconventional, we appear to be lost to others. When you do not find support in this category, it is because people do not understand your journey. Are you lost or are you finding yourself? There is a difference.

And for my category three friends, congratulations to you! You are living life fully, firing on all six cylinders and basically, getting shyt done! You are moving and shaking and shining as the brilliant individual you are supposed to be. Because of this and because there are many more people in the world living in category one than category three, you will experience jealousy, hypocrisy and resistance from the world. This should not be confused with those forces that redirect us when we are moving in a wrong direction. So how can you know the right way to go? By being honest with who you are and trusting that the closer you get to that person, the more sensitive you will be to your path. You will know what is right for you and what feels wrong. Trust those instincts. Block out the naysayers and criticizers. Yes, sometimes we go backward before moving forward but the forward parts should far outweigh and outlast the backsteps. If you do not find support in this portion of your life, then ignore, remove or replace those voices who do not support you. Get them out of your head because your thoughts and attitude about your life are your greatest allies. Do not compromise either of them for anyone. Ever.

You are meant for great things. What that looks like varies from person to person but that facts do not change. Stay on the path of greatness. Find that path and get on it but do not ever stop trying to be an improvement from the person you were yesterday. The world is a better place when we all operate in our best mindsets and using the best parts of ourselves. So you see? Being your best self actually saves the world.

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