My Favorite Quotes

Change your focus and you change your life. So many people are chasing the wrong things. Change always begins internally. The world responds to us. We get what we give. We enjoy what we've invested in. That's just how it works.

Story of everyone's life. Most broken relationships can be attributed to poor communication or none at all. And that is the problem.

Thank goodness for Counselors, Teachers, Camp Directors... People who have made it their life's purpose to invest in our youth. They are actually doing us all a favor.

We are all broken. All of us. And yet we all have something wonderful to offer each other and the world. The trick is the hold the crayon the right way... No matter how broken, it still colors.

The best and the brightest leaders often struggle with their choices because they have lost themselves over the years. To know one's self deeply, personally is of benefit to everyone with whom we interact. Represent the right values and your decisions will always reflect that.

This is why StrengthsFinder works. Period.

So many of us have settled. It is NEVER too late to live your best life and be everything you feel you can. You know that feeling inside? That there has to be more to life than you are living. Listen to it. There is more. So much more.

This is why StrengthsFinder works. Again, the only thing better than knowing what you are great at, is your limitations.

YOLO Baby! You Only Live Once, right? When you get a shot - take it. Do not hesitate! If you fail, then you learned something. But what if you don't fail?

Success is built from our daily habits. It is the small things we accomplish daily that add up to major success.

Are you your own worst enemy? Most of us are...

Nuff said.

Change your mind. Change your attitude. Change your attitude. Change your perspective. When our perspective changes, everything we see changes! Oh my... the possibilities!

Now this is just common sense, but so often we ignore this fact. Work on ALL of you. Do not ignore ANY part. It all counts.

Another StrengthsFinder eye-opener. You would be shocked at the number of "aha" moments I've enjoyed through Coaching people in their Strengths. When we realize who we are... finally. That is a special and life-changing moment.

If only we all believed this. Put others first and the universe will put you first. That is just how it works. Selfishness only serves you momentarily. Never for any meaningful period of time. Ever.

We are all battling something. Focus on your own battles and let others fight their own. People who explode on you for seemingly no reason at all are fighting you instead of dealing with the root cause of their anger and hurt. Do not engage. I repeat, do not engage with those people.

We must be the good to see the good.

Pain is a part of life. When we learn to embrace it as essential, rather than just tolerating or avoiding it, then we heal, see clearly and we authentically feel everything. Sometimes through is the only option. Not over or around. We must go through.

My only request...

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