So if you have worked anywhere at all, it is highly likely that you have had to interact with someone whom you dislike strongly. Recently, I was on site at a school where I generally appreciate everyone. However, there are 2 people that I just cannot stand. Let’s not look for professional words and respectful language. If we are going to talk about it, let’s just say how we feel! After all, this is a part of the freedom of writing a blog, isn’t it?

In particular, I work with two idiots and one is female, the other is male. They both happen to be white but I don’t think that any racism is at play here. Let me tell you what I learned about myself through interacting with these difficult co-workers. Want to know what I learned?

I don’t have a high tolerance for arrogance.

Both of these “characters” display characteristics like: haughty, know-it-all, elitist, condescending, high and mighty, cocky, always looking for faults in others, never seeing their own faults, every solution ends in blaming someone else, having an answer to everything, rude, snippy, passive aggressive…

Oh I could go on for days. But you get the message...

I’m sure you may have run across at least one person like this in your life. How did you handle them? How should you handle them? Want to know what I do?

Confront and then ignore.

That’s my secret sauce! I say my piece, as professionally and respectfully as I can. I say it directly to them, in person. If you can’t handle that, then write a note, send an email or have a third party present to help you “be strong” or for moral support. But as an adult, we have to find ways to communicate with one another respectfully. There is always a better way to say something. Keep practicing it until it is the best it can be and still communicates what you need to convey.

After you've done that, then see what happens. If they change, then give them another chance. I believe in second chances! But if they choose to ignore you or change temporarily but then revert back to their previous poor behavior, then simply ignore the behavior you dislike without ignoring them. For example, say hello in the morning

Also, be grateful for these kinds of people! Yes, I said it. Be grateful for the idiots, for the assholes (forgive me but there is just no better way to refer to that group), the cocky and the rude! Every day that you encounter one of them, maybe you could even stop and tell them, “Thank You”.

To all of them I say, thank you! Thank you for reminding me how humble I need to be. Or how nice I should be. Thank you for showing me why I should give people the benefit of the doubt and not make assumptions. Thank you! They are reminders that no one is perfect and they are motivators to be awesome. Or as I like to say, in layman's terms, “People who suck remind me of how not to suck. Do the opposite of whatever they do. Easy peezy!”

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